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One thing that’s synonymous with the “college experience” is the elusive house party. House parties are usually a hit or miss occasion. I’ve been to parties so crowded that I couldn’t move, and I’ve been to ones where it winds up being a sad affair (think three people making small talk – yes, it’s been that small). House parties are basically an excuse for a bunch of your peers to get together, drink and make fools of themselves on the “dance floor.” It’s fun, its college! Here are my tips to surviving the next house party you’re dragged to!

1. Bring a good party friend.

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This is an important house party survival tip. They don’t have to be your best friend; they don’t even have to be particularly close to you. Everyone has that friend they can call up who would be down for whatever. I’ve noticed that as I get older, I need to schedule hang outs with my friends further and further in advance.

Hey, babe, I haven’t seen you in a while, but I was wondering if we could do lunch in a month? Your people will confirm with my people? Okay, great.

Sometimes it’s nice to just have a friend whom you can suggest eating a dozen donuts while watching Magic Mike on your couch and they’ll be like “Yeah, sure!” Bring this friend to the party. If things get boring, your friend will be down to leave. If you feel like dancing, they’ll bust a move with you. Just make sure you trust them enough to take care of you if you go too far with the drinking. You don’t want to wake up alone on the neighbor’s lawn in your underwear the next morning.

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