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1. Join a Class

If your gym offers group fitness classes spend the first week of the semester attending them and choosing one (or two you Jillian Michaels, you) that you like. Try and stick with that class the entire semester as the instructor will usually increase the difficulty of the class each week. This will ensure a challenging class and the constant switch up will keep you on your toes and out of boredom!

Zumba Class
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2. Keep a Locker

Most college gyms offer the option of renting a locker for an entire semester. While you may initially consider saving the 12 bucks for a round of drinks, the pay off for the locker will be more beneficial. Keep a stack of workout clothes, socks, sneakers, spare water bottles, etc in your locker. This way after class you can head right to the gym instead of having to head back home to change…where your roommates are all watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon and the temptation to skip the gym becomes REAL.

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3.  Wash Your Clothes

No, seriously. If you’re one of the people that keep gym clothes in a locker at the gym and re-wear them for a few gym sessions for Pete’s sake PLEASE give them a vacation in a washing machine every so ofter. Rule of thumb: If you walk by someone and they make this face it’s time to swap for some fresh under armor.

Toddler Tiara Bad Smell
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4.  Switch it Up

This goes for every gym, but make sure you switch up your fitness regime. Run the indoor track one day, take a zumba class the next, and hit up the elliptical the third. Besides targeting different muscles you won’t get bored of the same routine every day.

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5. If You’re At the Gym, Be AT the Gym

Don’t be the girl in full hair and makeup (and an overly coordinated Nike spandex outfit) that just walks around. Don’t be the guy that stands in the weight room to check himself out in the mirror. If you’re going to be at the gym actually work out. You just look silly if not.

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6. Don’t Judge

Focus on yourself. Regardless on someone’s shape, size, level of fitness, or amount of sweat on their shirt everyone is there for the same thing. Stop staring and get running. Even if the gym hipster IS walking backwards on the treadmill.

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7. Get a Gym Buddy

Whether it’s your best friend, classmate, RA, or the person that serves you slices of pizza at 3AM every Saturday (hence why you NEED the gym), have someone to go to the gym with. This will keep you accountable to actually go and have someone to motivate you. Bonus points if your gym buddy is grade-A hottie. Nothing like some eye candy to keep you motivated. See below.

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8. Wear Clothes

I don’t care if you’re Heidi Klum, Kate Upton, Cara Delevingne, or Alexa Chung. WEAR CLOTHES IN THE LOCKER ROOM. It’s fine to have a few moments of naked-ness while changing, but 1PM in the full length mirror in the center of the women’s locker room is NOT the time to examine your naked bod. Cringe.

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And now you’re ready to dominate the college gym scene. See you there!

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What Are YOUR College Gym Tips?

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