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“What the heck is Thanksgivukkah?” You ask.  Well, in my opinion, it might just be the greatest holiday ever, not to mention a fabulous opportunity for word play and kitsch. This year, in a glorious union of the Gregorian and Jewish calendars, the first day of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving just so happen to be on the same day, and thus, Thanksgivukkah is born.

This actually happened about 125 years ago (sort of, technically it was before Thanksgiving was even an actual holiday), and isn’t happening again for 79,043 years.  Yep, you read that correctly, 79,000.  So pretty much, even if you aren’t Jewish and will never come close to celebrating Hanukkah again, I say you take advantage of this glorious day and join in the festivities.  Here are 8 absolute must-haves for any Thanksgivukkah celebration — from tasty food mash-ups to hysterical accessories, we’ve got you covered.

1. A Menurkey

This is the number one greatest idea ever.  This year, toss your boring old menorahs aside and light the Menurkey.  One of these guys will run you about 50 bucks, so maybe only buy one if you are actually Jewish, I’m still working on some way to fashion my own.  This idea was actually brought to light (ha) by a 9 year old boy genius. And just when you thought menurkeys couldn’t get any better, there is even a song!  When you go to the product’s website, make sure your volume is up an you will be greeted by a wonderful tune.

2. Cranberry Applesauce

cranberry applesauce

This recipe is another stroke 0f pure Thanksgivukkah genius.  Instead of plain applesauce on your latkes or cranberry sauce on your turkey, try this wonderful Jewish-American fusion recipe, and make cranberry applesauce! Thanks a latke for this one, Buzzfeed!

3. American Gothikkah Thanksgivukkah Poster

American Gothic Thanksgivukkah poster

Another wonderful spin on a classic, this poster from Modern Tribe really is a must-have especially for the art fans out there.  This poster is just so perfect, I’m running out of words.  I’m going to have to get someone to hid my credit card before I order enough to plaster my entire bedroom.

4. Thanksgivukkah T-shirts

Thanksgivukkah T Shirt

Thanksgivukkah 2013- 8 days of lights, liberty and latkes.  I can’t think of a better slogan, it truly captures the essence of everything Thanksgivukkah stands for, which is growing every day as more and more people hop onto the Thanksgivukkah bandwagon.  It is growing to symbolize the cooperation and blending of Jewish and American cultures, and the mayor of Boston might even turn it into a real, more than once in a lifetime event.  You should probably cop one of these tees from Modern Tribe before it gets too cliche, ya know?

5. Thanksgivukkah Kippa/Yarmulke

Thanksgivukkah yarmulke etsy

Worried that your regular old kippa isn’t up to such a tremendous occasion as the only Thanksgivukkah ever?  Don’t worry, one of these snazzy head coverings will only run you about 18 bucks on Etsy, or if you’re feeling especially thrifty, you can use this as inspiration to create your own.

6. Thanksgivukkah Wooden Utensils

Thanksgivukkah utensils

You weren’t thinking about using regular utensils on Thanksgivukkah were you? Blasphemy!  The Thanksgivukkah turkey and latkes deserve nothing less than utensils that are designed special for this glorious occasion, like these ones from Etsy.

7. Thanksgivukkah Gelt

Thanksgivukkah gelt

It just wouldn’t be Hanukkah without these delightful little chocolate coins, and Foiled Again Chocolate really has the Thanksgivukkah hookup.  There are about a dozen amazing Thanksgivukkah options you can choose from when customizing your coins to your Thhanksgivukkah preference.  I would also like to thank them for my new catchphrase, “Gobble Tov.”

8. Thanksgivukkah Coloring Sheet

 Thanksgiving Coloring Book Sheet

I get it.  Buying all this Thanksgivukkah stuff could get pricey, but if you want to celebrate for free, here is a downloadable coloring sheet!  Print out a few of these bad boys here and you’re all set- decorations, greeting cards, placemats, its a one stop shop (with no shopping).

How will you celebrate Thanksgivukkah?