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Now that the thrills of the first few weeks of coming back to school have faded, we are reaching mid-semester. It’s not quite finals week, but things are getting dreary with the chill of fall. The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be fading instead of getting closer. But isn’t this all ironic? We anticipate going to college for so long. We watched movies and TV shows and had dream colleges that we wanted to go to since forever. And oddly enough, once we are finally here, we can’t wait until the semester is over. The stresses of balancing classes, work, internships, and actually having a social life can seem impossible. However, these are the best days of your life. You’re supposed to be enjoying it, and not just the parties (those are fun too, though).

Even though times seem tough right now, stick with it and remember the reason you’re here, whatever that reason may be. Find your dreams and passions, then chase them every single day. When you’re exhausted from doing that, take a break and have fun with your friends. Don’t take these short years for granted (as if you haven’t been told that one before).

Sometimes when you’re feeling bogged down during the school year, all you need is a little pep-talk to refocus your goals and get excited for college again. So if you’re looking for motivation or just some feel good quotes to remind you that college is freaking awesome, these 8 quotes will be just what you need to get re-inspired this semester.

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What quotes inspire you?

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