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Studying doesn’t have to be complicated. But it can be difficult and sometimes you could just use a few tips to study more effectively. Everyone learns a little bit differently or has their different study habits that work best for them, but here are some simple hacks for anyone who needs to study for an upcoming test.

1. Think: Study to Teach:

If you are able to teach someone else the material, then that means you have a good grasp on it. As you study, keep this in the back of your mind and see if you are able to teach someone else the material.

2. Mnemonic Devices:

Even though this may seem like something you did in elementary or middle school, it really helps when you are in a jam and can’t remember something because if you memorize whatever mnemonic device you have created, it will easily come to you.

3. Use all resources:

Don’t limit yourself to your textbook and your notes, use the internet. You might find great practice tests or quick info on YouTube.

4. Organize your notes:

Go back through your notes and rewrite them or re-type them in a clean and organized way. Add some color or change in font to categorize and organize.

5. Use apps:

You can get SelfControl on your computer if you can’t seem to stop yourself from going on Facebook or StumbleUpon. Or get study apps for on-the-go on your phone.

6. Don’t Cram:

Break your studying down and start a few days before the test. You’ll thank yourself when you are taking the test that you have a much better grasp of the concepts, as well as for the fact that you can remember everything and be sure of your answers rather than thinking “oh, I saw this in my notes,  sounds right…”

7. Move around:

Don’t go to the same spot in the library every time you study. Go to different libraries, rooms, and locations because varying your surroundings allows you to make more associations with our environment which is how we learn.

8. Sleep & Eat:

Don’t pull an all-nighter because sleep is extremely important and eat healthy because you’ll do better on a nutritious, well-balanced meal.

What study hacks do you use for best results?

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