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Wesley Friednash is one of the CampusRiot campus reps for CU Boulder.

Wondering how to survive the best school in the nation? Check out our survival tips:

1. Balance Out School and Social Life

While partying at the number three party school in the nation is fun, it’s important to find a balance between school and parties.  We are here for school, not parties.

2. Go To The Library

Libraries provide students with a distraction-less place to study.  There are many different libraries on campus including: Norlin, the business library, the law library, the music library, and the geology library.

Norlin Library(photo credit: wallyg via photopin cc)

3.  Basketball>Football

For the past few years our basketball team has been stellar.  However, our football team is a different story.  First year head coach Mike Macintyre has showed promise, but rebuilding is a long process.  Go to the basketball games and not the football games.

4.  C-Unit

Our basketball student section, the C-Unit, has easily created the harshest environment to play at in the PAC 12.  The Buffs have only lost 5 home games in the past 2 years.

C-Unit(Photo via University of Colorado)

5.  Pick A House That Won’t Get Flooded

Many students had to deal with the huge flood that cancelled school for 2 days by moving to hotels temporarily.

6.  We Are Better Than CSU (#gobuffs)

This is just common knowledge, but as a CU student, you need to know that we are better than our little brother.

Gobuffs(photo credit:photo credit: annahell via photopin cc)

7. Don’t Be The Person That Doesn’t Know The Fight Song

Seriously incoming freshmen need to learn it ASAP, and no it’s not rough em’ up rough em’ up go CU.

8. Understand That The University Of Colorado At Boulder Is The BEST School In The Nation

Boulder is consistently one of the brainiest and healthiest cities in the nation.  Mix that in with being one of the best party schools and you have CU Boulder.

Flatirons(Photo Credit:Sean Munson via photopin cc)

Do you have any survival tips for the best school in the nation?

Featured photo credit:photo credit: wallyg via photopin cc