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Brittany Dawson, the CampusRiot Campus Representative for the University of South Carolina, is a junior studying English at the University of South Carolina.

Alcohol is everywhere and for many college students, “fun” means LET’S GET OUR DRINK ON.

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 Regardless of what you’ve been told, it is possible to have fun without alcohol. Now don’t get me wrong, alcohol isn’t necessarily a bad thing (especially in moderation). However, you shouldn’t rely on alcohol to have a good time. Don’t believe me? Check out these ways to have fun without alcohol!

1. Explore campus.

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Take a night stroll around campus and discover places you haven’t been before. Most universities offer a series of late-night activities for students. This is a perfect opportunity to meet new people and have a blast!

2. Snuggle up with a book.

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Ah, there is nothing like snuggling up with a good book! Dim the lights, turn on some relaxing music, and enjoy a pleasurable night indoors. Your brain will thank you later.

3. Enjoy a girl’s night at home—hello pajama party!

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GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN YA’LL. We really do. Instead of hopping from party to party, bring the party to your place! Grab your girls and be fierce.

 4. Watch your favorite Netflix show.

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 Believe me, Netflix is your friend. Netflix won’t hurt you, cause slurred speech, or inspire you to send drunken texts to your grandmother.

5. Exercise.

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Trade in your party outfit for yoga pants, athletic shoes, and a lot of sweat! Exercise is one of the healthiest alternatives to drinking. Exercise is fun, challenging, and rewarding. Try a group fitness class with a friend!

6. Find fresh fruits and vegetables at your local farmers market.

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You will be surprised at the variety of foods in your local farmers market. In fact, eating locally supports local business and farmers—you’ll be helping out the community! Can alcohol do that? I don’t think so.

7. Try a new recipe.

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Instead of eating ramen noodles or a drunk-burger from Waffle House for dinner, try a new recipe.  If you’re having trouble finding a recipe, check out Pinterest, Food Network, and Tumblr for ideas!

8. Sleep.

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Do I really need to explain this one? SLEEP IS EVERYTHING.

9. Go to a concert.

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Check out a local venue and listen to new artists! Concerts are always fun. Last semester, I went to a local music festival and discovered so many interesting artists. Alcohol won’t even cross your mind when you’re having fun.

How do you have fun without alcohol?

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