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After graduating from college, you’re going to be nostalgic for the weirdest people. You’ll miss your friends, but you can always call or text or look at their selfies on Instagram. It’s the people you saw around campus that you’ll think about the most. The people whose cameo appearances made your walk to class have character. And these are the people you’ll swear you see in line at Starbucks or walking to the bus stop in your new city. So, here’s to them. The people who made my campus feel like Greendale Community College.

Boots, you always stomped around campus with your light brown Timberlands. Never tied. I don’t know if you couldn’t tie your shoes or if you refused to tie any knots until marriage equality spread across all fifty states. Your phantom footsteps could be heard in any classroom once you entered the building. Your feet, size 11 I’m assuming, would crash into the floor of the hallway, echoing into every room. You almost had me believing in ghosts. We were in the same lecture hall once. I don’t know if you noticed me. You were late as usual. You stomped up the steps all the way to the back. I missed most of how ATP was made thanks to you.

Someecards User Card Tie Your Shoes You Are Trippin

Ninja, there isn’t a lot to say about you. You were there one minute and gone the next. You stood at about 5 feet tall. You always had your backpack that was so full it tested its stitching and zippers. I don’t know why, but you constantly ran around campus. It was like you were Mario avoiding Goombas to get to your princess. You’d whiz by as if the 7 textbooks in your bag were packing peanuts. We never shared a class or anything, so I don’t what you were running from or where you were going. I hope you made it there okay.

Someecards User Card Ninja No Evidence

The Singer, you’re a star. It doesn’t matter if no one agreed with you. You power walked everywhere with your headphones in and sang whatever show tune was playing. Sang probably isn’t the right word. Yelled? Screamed? How about whatever the noise Black Canary makes when she uses her Canary Cry? You taught me a few lines from Wicked and The Book of Mormon. You made me a better gay and a more cultured person.

Someecards User Card Singing In The Shower Dog Howling Bad Singer

The Magic Kids, you played Magic all day in the lounge. You’d get there before everyone and leave after everyone. Not once did I see any of you attempt to go to class. I got excited once when I thought the girl who Hot Topic threw up on was going to class. She just went to the vending machine. You’d yell the word “noob” incessantly. You argued about card effects. Aren’t they written on the card? Seriously, do you even go here?

Someecards User Card Magic The Gathering First World Problems

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Featured photo via The Couch Sessions. All other images via someecards.