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Saturday came and went, but with a few surprises. Georgia Tech upset Clemson, although many thought the time was coming for Dabo Sweeney’s team. Michigan State fell flat to Wisconsin and Oklahoma had its way with Kansas State. And now the time has come. It’s Alabama-LSU week. So instead of telling you who I think will win, or how I think the game will be played out, I’m just going to through out some facts and numbers for you. Alabama vs. LSU:Football Armageddon

  1. Since the AP polls have been out, a 1 vs. 2 matchup has only happened 22 times. This is the first time since 2006 that the No. 1 and No. 2 teams have met in the regular season. In 2006, it was No. 1 Ohio State who beat No. 2 Michigan 42-39.
  2. LSU and Alabama both had off weeks. This will mark only the fourth time out of the 22 matchups.
  3. Les Miles is 4-1 when coming off of a bye week. Nick Saban is 2-2.
  4. Alabama averages 39.4 points per game. LSU averages 39.2.
  5. LSU scores in the red zone 97.4 percent of the time. Alabama scores 85.4 percent.
  6. Alabama’s margin of victory is 32 points, while LSU’s is 26.
  7. Alabama has the No. 1 total defense while LSU is 3rd.
  8. But, LSU has a much better turnover margin. LSU is 2nd, while Alabama is 19th.
  9. Alabama averages 3.4 penalties per game, while LSU averages 6.5
  10. But, LSU has two go-to quarterbacks with Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson, while Alabama relies only on AJ McCarron, but the Tide has more depth and talent in running backs than the Tigers.

The numbers only tell half the story of this match-up. Ever since Nick Saban returned to college football, to Alabama, an SEC school, and West rival of LSU, this game has grown in significance. With Gameday arriving Thursday morning and RVs before that, Tuscaloosa will be the place to be this weekend. Stay tuned as we get closer to Football Apocalypse.