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Like cocktails and wine? You’re probably from Manhattan. Beer? You live in Chicago.

Do these sound like wildly stereotypical generalizations? They very well may, but they could also be true. Research shows that taste in alcohol type varies from region to region across the U.S. According to this USA Today article, thirsty Americans in the Southwest, East Coast, and Southern California commonly choose spirits, whereas those in the middle states happily, or clumsily (after knocking a couple back), reach for beer.

As for which state drinks the most? Apparently that award goes to the hearty inhabitants of New Hampshire. The Granite State is not as subdued as we once thought, people. Those innocent all-American summer barbecues and winter fireside snuggles may be fueled by a whole lot more than sliders and s’mores. No judgement, New Hampshire, but maybe you want to take a look at these how-to-hide-a-hangover tips. We are only looking out for you.

We have less to be worried about in Utah, the state with the most sober cities, according to this article from The U.S. News and World Report. That label is not shocking due to the state’s large Mormon contingency.

Another interesting facts about Americans’ frequency of alcohol consumption: despite the U.S.’s rep for brutally embarrassing belligerency (remember your 21st birthday?), we actually take less shots weekly than some of our foreign counterparts.  The below infographic,  featured here on Gawker, shows which countries take the most shots per week (of any type of alcohol). So, where does the U.S. rank? On average, Americans take 3.3 shots per week, putting us in 10th place. Ahem, is there a ribbon for that?


Shots per Week in Countries(Image via Gawker)

 We know, the creation of research-based infographics aren’t your first concern when you’re raising that salty-rimmed margarita goodness to your lips on Saturday night, but a worldwide comparison of populations’ weekly shot intake is admittedly amusing. Except in Indonesia, where 0.0 shots are consumed weekly. That’s just…less amusing.

Do you think geographical region determines your alcohol preferences?

(Image via Mainstreet)