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Thanksgiving Break is here and we couldn’t be more excited. The only sad thing is that some of us can’t go home for this glorious holiday. If our 10-year-old selves knew we wouldn’t be able be in our cozy childhood homes for this holiday made for eating, we wouldn’t go to college in the first place. What is Thanksgiving without eating Aunt Sue’s famous turkey and stuffing? Not the same, that’s what.

The cruel, harsh reality is that many of us won’t be able to go home for Turkey Day. There are a number of reasons we’re unable to go home – student athletes don’t have off, tickets home are expensive, home is too far away, or we have other obligations that we’ve made a commitment too. Life, why must you get in the way all of the time?

Nothing is more depressing than handing in a “request to stay” slip to Res Life while everyone else is packing their bags to go home. Sigh. But, what do those of us who are forced to stay on campus do over Thanksgiving break while everyone else is partying with friends from home and spending time with their families?

Well, you definitely don’t have to stay cooped up in your dorm or apartment by yourself, let me tell you that. Think of this as an opportunity to have some “me time.” Like really, how often does that happen these days? Not often enough. You deserve some good old fashioned R&R.

If you’re not sure how to spend a few days alone, or with a few friends who also have been left behind, we’ve got some ideas for you. Enjoy the upcoming break, and be thankful for you, because you are GREAT. Think of it this way, you can finally do this and not worry about anyone watching:


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1. Catch up on that shows you’ve been meaning to binge watch

2. Read at least one book

3. Download all that music that’s not on your iPhone yet

4. Go visit puppies and dogs wherever you can find them

5. Go on Pinterest and make some crafts

6. Bake all of the things

7. Mooch off your local friends and go home with them for Thanksgiving dinner

8. Clean. Your. Room

9. Get a head start on Christmas shopping

10. Do some yoga

11. Finish assignments due after Thanksgiving

12. Delete irrelevent Facebook friends

13. Listen to Taylor Swift’s new album in its entirety…DO NOT SKIP ONE TRACK

14. Watch This Is The End…or any of these movies

15. Unfollow people on Twitter who aren’t funny

16. Call your grandma. Or any other relative you haven’t spoken to in a while.

17. Go on Tinder and see if there are any other loners in the area. #whynot

18. Print pictures of you and your friends…SCRAPBOOK LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE

19. Do a #science experiment

20. Impulse adopt a kitten – you won’t regret it

21. Experiment with cooking

22. Or eat pizza every night

23. Watch some viral Vine vids

24. Do [at least] one of the three: Get a tattoo, get a piercing, or dye your hair.

25. Run the Turkey Trot

26. Make a fort

27. Put some Christmas lights up

28. Just put Christmas decorations everywhere

29. Start a memoir

30. Spend an entire day in Barnes & Noble

31. Research and plan your dream vacation

32. Make a game plan on how to survive a zombie apocalypse

33. Educate yo’self with John Oliver…and laugh while doing so

34. Read Amy Poehler’s new book  Yes Please

35. Write a story only using emojis 

36. Buy Crest whitening strips and perfect those pearly whites


38. Watch feel good YouTube vids

39. Go on StumbleUpon for HOURS

40. Do you. Interpret as you will.


What are you going to do over Thanksgiving Break?

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