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Forget battle of the bands, Adobe’s waiting for you to battle for the band. Their latest promotion for college students, a “Battle for the Band” contest challenges students in the US & Canada* to put their design skills to the test in Adobe Creative Cloud. The winner could win an awesome concert for their school from the popular band All Time Low (produced by Live Nation.) Second prize is $1,000. How awesome is that?

The inspiration behind the contest? “Adobe works to support creative students with opportunities like Battle for the Band to give them a chance to showcase their talents,” said Shagorika Dixit, director of worldwide student marketing, Adobe. ”We realize our work plays a role in these young artists’ early careers and that’s why we are committed to supporting them with industry-standard tools in Adobe Creative Cloud at special student pricing.”

We love that Adobe is so supportive of students and their many talents and gives them a creative outlet with which to express themselves!

So here’s the deal. Students interested in entering need to design some awesome swag that will impress the members of All Time Low, like T-shirts, posters, and backstage passes (or any other promotional pieces you can think of – get creative with it!)

While you’re designing, keep these words of wisdom from Live Nation’s president Russell Wallach in mind:

“Concert memorabilia is a key component in the live music experience. A well-designed poster can convince someone to attend a concert and a t-shirt can serve as a badge of honor for an unforgettable night of music. We’re proud to partner with Adobe to help the next generation show off their creativity by designing unique items that capture the exhilaration of live music.”

If you’re interested in entering (or know someone who might be) head on over to Adobe’s Facebook page for more details on the contest and how to submit your designs!

The deadline for entry is April 7, 2013. Submissions will then be judged between April 8th – 11th and the winners selected by All Time Low will be announced by mid-April.

Will you be entering Adobe’s Battle for the Band contest? Tell us below!

*Not including Quebec