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Back to school is both a fun and overwhelming time. When it comes to the end of the summer, you think about seeing best friends you haven’t seen in a couple months, moving into your new apartment or dorm or house, and what the new year will bring.

Whether or not you have orientation week where everyone comes back for a few days before classes start, classes aren’t always your priority. The anxiousness of the coming year may be the focus of your imagination, but some how you need to mentally prepare for class.

Don’t forget about it

Before you come back to school, look at your schedule to remind yourself what classes you are taking and what your schedule looks like. (Make sure you are enrolled in classes in the first place!)

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Do some research

Check online to see if your professor has posted anything, sent any emails, or given you something to prepare for the first day of class. Maybe there is a syllabus already up that lays out the semester for you–skim it!

Go to the first day of class

Even though it’s just “syllabus week” it is important to go to the first few classes to see if you definitely want to stay in the class, what the schedule of the class will be like, how the professor is as a lecturer or as a seminar leader and how the class will be run.

Get (some) supplies

Get a notebook, a planner and some pens or pencils so that you are physically prepared to go to class. Don’t buy the books or binders before you know if you’re required to have them or if you’re definitely going to need them. Having those few supplies will help you realize you have to start using your brain again in the near future.

Don’t worry

You’ve gotten through every previous semester (I hope) and you will get through this one. It’s just a matter of getting back into the swing of things.

What do you do to prepare for back to school?