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Whether we like it or not September is rapidly approaching, and that only means one thing: back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that you’re not a fool. With the rare exception of a few of us (some crazy people actually miss “being on a schedule” and “having responsibilities”) no one is happy about having assignments to write into the fresh pages of their new planner. Gone are the days of sleeping in until noon, participating in Sunday funday as if you are on a committed sports team, and impromptu road trips to the beach. Your days are now filled with balancing your campus job, frequent all nighters and still trying to have a social life.

Here at CampusRiot we maintain that music makes the world go ’round, and can make almost (I mean if your fiancé leaves you at the alter “Spice Up Your Life”  may not make you crack a smile regardless of how catchy it may be) any situation better. Since you are busy preparing for classes to begin we have taken it upon ourselves to make a Back to School playlist that will get you pumped for the school year and distract you while you prepare. Of course there are some typical school tunes that made the cut (How could we NOT include “ABC” by Jackson 5), but our goal was to keep you upbeat and singing along.

Whether you are packing for your first year at college or to move into your first apartment, printing out your syllabus for your first class, or crying as you enter your debit card number while ordering textbooks this playlist is sure to improve your end-of-summer blues.

 What is your favorite back to school song?

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