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Become a Guest Writer

If you would like to share some of your tips on Surviving College but do not have the time to fully as a staff writer, there’s always the option of being a guest writer! There is no actual commitment to being a guest poster, and you can choose to write once or more than once; as many as you’d like, really!

Here’s what you have to do as a guest writer for Surviving College:

  • At least 800 words is great for articles, but feel free to write as extensively as you please.
  • Please PROOFREAD. Minor changes may be made to your piece for quality or clarity purposes. The integrity of your article will remain intact. Changing missed spelling errors or grammar issues is not meant to offend you, but improve the post.
  • Attach images you want to include with your post with the appropriate attribution and credits included. People like to see what we’re talking about, so using at least one photo is encouraged.
  • When including quotes, studies, facts, or stats, please include a SOURCE so the reader knows that this is valid information.
  • Please send over your ideas and a link to your blog or attach samples of your work to get started as a guest writer for the website.

Sound good? Reach out to us using the form below: