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Thanksgiving has come and gone and being thankful might seem like a thing of the past. Don’t write off thankfulness just yet – I’m here to assure you that it shouldn’t be something you only think about once a year. Being eternally thankful is a characteristic that your friends and family will enjoy and appreciate as well as employers. In fact, potential employers may even be looking for it, and here’s why!

Being humble

When you make it a point to be perpetually grateful, you start to become a more humble person. Suddenly everything around you starts to hold a little more meaning and you become much more grounded. As a college student, you have to learn how to be humble – especially before you go out into the “real world” that everyone’s always talking about. You have to learn how to be thankful for everything you have before you can become a professional. Trust me; once you do, you’ll start to see things in a completely different light, and your employers will notice!

All the small things

No, not the famous Blink-182 song! But all the small things really do matter, especially when you’re in the workplace. If you work at an office and you refill the copier or put those fresh reports on your boss’ desk without being asked to do it, they’ll take notice and appreciate you for it. Even if you’re still looking for a job, the little things make a huge difference when it comes to standing out. Sending a “thank you” letter to the hiring manager after an interview might just help you get the job. They’ll recognize how appreciative you are about the opportunity and will be more likely to consider hiring you. That’s the power of thankfulness!

Connecting well with others

When you make it a point to be thankful for all things around you, the opportunities that you have, and the people in your life, other people will see it. They’ll want to connect with you because your gratitude is a quality that they’d like to see in a person in their network. They’ll see how humble you are and how much you appreciate everything, and as a result, they’ll be attracted to you as an individual – be it on a professional or personal level.

Increasing integrity

Being a thankful person will help you increase your integrity as a professional, as a family member, and as a friend. People in your life will feel more appreciated and will want to continue to do all the things they do for you. If you’re able to strengthen your integrity, do it! It’ll only make you a better person.

Being thankful is an important quality that anyone can easily possess. All you have to do is learn how to appreciate the things in your life, the people that make your world better, and everything in between! You’ll start to notice that everything around you has a lot more meaning to it.

What are some ways you show how thankful you are beyond the holidays?

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