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Inspired by my fellow CampusRiot blogger’s, Vanessa, dating pieces (you can read Part 1 and Part 2), and the fact that all of my friends seem to be finding someone to cuddle with this winter season, I’ve decided to write a piece for all us single people out there and the benefits of our single status.

First off, I will admit that it does get pretty lonely when I see all my friends having fun with their significant others and whatnot, and yes, it is pretty easy to be green with envy and slightly annoyed when every other tumblr post they reblog is about how joyful being with someone is, but the fact remains that I’m perfectly content with being single for the moment. And here is why:

More Freedom
I tend to associate my prom experience with this reason. Some people I knew ended up with dates that they were less than happy with, only because they didn’t want to be alone at prom. I was probably one of the few that went to prom without a date. Granted, my experience might not have been as fun if I didn’t have a great group of friends to go with (I was one of the three single people in it), but I can still say that I had a great night (even with the fact that I didn’t really like high school dances), while others not so much. And that’s mostly because they went with a date that they weren’t particularly close to, and felt the obligation to stick with their date even when they were being a stick in the mud. I’m always a bit relieved when someone bemoans about their horrible date experience because I’ve never had that problem being single. Being single means that I have the freedom to choose what I want to do, instead of being expected to be with someone who’s killing my mood.

No “Lover’s Quarrels”
Arguing = stress = unhappy = bad mood. It’s already bad enough that I have school and other personal problems to worry about, and to add a fight with someone else on top of that? Whoa, better not get near me then because I am an absolute terror when in a bad mood. So it’s safe to say that I’m a much happier person when I’m not in the middle of an argument, and people like me happy. Because trust me, if my own family can’t handle me when I’m in a bad mood, I’m pretty sure my boyfriend can’t either. Not to mention, who likes being stressed? Absolutely no one.

I won’t get into a feminist argument here about not needing a man to be strong (among other things), but there is a feeling of satisfaction when I can accomplish something that’s considered “manly” by myself. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like the idea of a boyfriend wanting to help me with such things, but it’s nice to know that if the problem ever arises and I don’t have a guy to help me out, I can take care of it myself.

More Options
By this I mean that you’re not tied down by someone else and therefore “unavailable”. It’s totally okay to check out the cutie you see in Starbucks every morning while having a major crush on the shy guy in your math class. You’re free to like whoever you want, whenever you want, which is good because that means you get a chance to basically “shop” around for guys, which I’ll admit, is totally fun (and innocent) activity to do with your girlfriends. Because once you’re taken, that’s it. Being in a relationship is means giving all your attention to that special someone, not having them and wanting another too.

I know that some people may not agree with me and think being single is no fun at all, but maybe that’s because they’re not taking full advantage of their single status. Instead of being upset that you’re alone, go out and do something you enjoy! Who knows, you may just end up meeting someone in the process.

Photo courtesy of Biscarotte via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0).