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Thoughts of “Greek Life” typically invoke imagines of boozey nights, with students passed out on their chapter’s front lawn with a red party cup in hand. While it’s very true that college students often indulge in partying, there is something to be said about join a frat or sorority. In fact, there are more benefits and opportunities in the Greek community than the regular student body.

Higher GPAS

Many frats and sororities have minimum GPA requirements, despite popular belief correlating Greek life with low GPA’s due to their partying nature. Being in a Greek house ensures that you have dozens of built-in study buddies, making it  more accessible and implied. On average, most brothers and sisters in the Greek community have higher GPA’s then other non-Greek students. They’re more likely to graduate college, too.

Leadership Skills

Greek life houses unique peer leadership and social skill building opportunities. Some Greek houses offer etiquette and small talk classes, focusing on keeping guests’ comfortable and building connections. Many of these skills translate into a successful professional life after college. Many CEO’s, politicians, and established business professionals were part of a Greek chapter on their college campus.

Higher Rates of Feminism

According to Business Insider, male non-Greek students had higher rates of “hyper masculinity”, an attitude that exhibits “an exaggerated adherence to traditional male gender role beliefs”. This attitude was generally not seen in male Greek members. This may be because many frats require education about sexual consent and abuse for their chapters.

Build Social Skills

Sharing a house with dozens of other brothers or sisters has its social advantages. You’re more likely to make life-long friends if you’re in a Greek chapter, since these students will be living with you for a few years. Not to mention all of the social events that come in the Greek-life package, including cocktail parties, parents weekends, and sometimes even dinners with professors.

Philanthropic Opportunities

If you think your local Greek students are all about partying, think again. Greek chapters are typically heavily involved in their communities, and offer dozens of philanthropic opportunities for their members. They host fundraisers and awareness events for charities and organizations in the local and international spectrum.

Did you go Greek?

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