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It’s that time of year again where college football is on the tip of everyone’s tongues, and before you know it, you’ll be painting your face and showing way too much school pride. But with all the hoopla comes an extraordinary experience: tailgating. Of course, some colleges do this activity better than others and to prove it, our friends at the Daily Meal conducted a survey to find the best colleges for tailgating. Many things were taken in to consideration including: teams, food, traditions and atmosphere. ¬†Scroll through to see the top 10 colleges, and be sure to head over to the Daily Meal for the full list. Let us know if your school made the list — if not, you’ve got some work to do this year!

1) Louisiana State: Delicious food, a great team and these guys.

Flickr photo via Louisiana State University.

2) University of Mississippi: Chandeliers, bow-ties and pearls — WHAT?

university of mississippi tailgate

Flickr photo via Austin McAfee.

3) University of Southern California: We hear the band is killer.

Flickr photo by Ken Lund

4) North Dakota State University: They probably have the best games going, including a real-life “Where’s Waldo?”

north dakota state university

Flickr photo by North Dakota National Guard

5) University of South Carolina: All we have to say is: Cockabooses.

Flickr photo by Leslie.

6) University of Florida: Gator fans know where it’s at.

best colleges for tailgaiting

Flickr photo by Taylor McKnight.

7) Purdue University: Everyone gets involved in this college town.


Flickr photo by Blake Facey.

8) Penn State University: We’ve heard great things about the stickie buns fans eat before the big game.

penn state university

Flickr photo by William F. Yurasko.

9) Michigan State University: So.Many.Bars.

best colleges for tailgating

Flickr photo by Michigan State University.

10) University of Nebraska: Visit for the Omaha Steak Dogs. Stay for the fun.

best colleges for tailgate

Flickr photo by Bill.

What do you think of the best colleges for tailgating?


Image Source: Cook with Kenyon