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Being a 90’s kid is awesome because let’s be honest, we grew up with THE best cartoons and TV shows that Nickelodeon and Disney have ever had to offer. I’ll never forget coming home everyday after elementary school. I always had the same routine: immediately sprawling out on the family room floor, turning on the television and becoming a nonfunctional human being as a new episode of Rugrats hypnotized me while I ate pizza flavored goldfish. Those were truly THE days. I regret nothing.

Halloween is just around the corner now. Ever since I turned 14 years old, a part of me has hurt for a childhood Halloween again. Ya know, when dressing up as a pirate was cool, knocking on doors for candy was still socially acceptable, and of course, there wasn’t a slutty costume in sight. Celebrating holidays as a kid was just so much better [in some respects]. If you wanna get into the Halloween spirit like you did when you were a kid,  I suggest you watch  some of the best shows from the 90’s/00’s that have a Halloween special. I’ve gone exploring down memory lane and rediscovered some of the best Halloween episodes that we were so very lucky to have had available to us as kids. So before Halloween arrives, I challenge you to put on any costume you want, grab a bowl of Snickers, and watch some of these childhood classics!

1. Hey Arnold 

Arnold’s Halloween – 1997

Headless Cabbie/Friday the 13th – 1999


2. Rugrats

Candy Bar Creep/Monster in the Garage – 1991

Curse of the Werewuff – 2002


3. Lizzie McGuire 

Night of the Day of the Dead – 2001


4. That’s So Raven

Don’t Have a Cow – 2003

Cake Fear – 2005

Soup To Nuts -2006


6. SpongeBob SquarePants

Scaredy Pants – 1999

Graveyard Shift – 2002

Ghoul Fools – 2011


7. Recess

The Terrifying Tales of Recess – 2001

A Recess Halloween – 2003


8. CatDog

Catdogula – 1999


9. Are You Afraid of the Dark

Every episode.


10. Kenan & Kel

Two Heads Are Better Than None – 2000


What’s your favorite childhood Halloween special?

(photos via tumblr)

(gifs via tumblr)