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It’s no secret that dorms are cramped, and other campus housing usually leaves you fighting for space. It just means we have to be a little more creative when storing our things! Take a look at a few of our favorite organizers:


Whitmor Double Rod Closet ($59.99)

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Closet the size of a pantry? Think outside the box and get a chic rod closet. You can hang up your clothes and stack shirts, shoes, and purses on its shelving. Everything is right where you can see it and easily accessible, plus you can pretend you live in a chic Manhattan apartment. komplement-multi-use-hanger__58185_PE163835_S4


Komplement ($7.99)

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Have a lot of scarfs and no where to put them? These types of hangers feature dozens of rings for sliding your scarfs and beanies into. Trust us, it’s worth the investment. Not only are your scarves out of the way, but this saves the usual jumble that happens when they all lay together.



Skubb ($4.99)

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The hanging shelve systems is our number one favorite at CampusRiot. You can store jeans, shirts, and bags easily by throwing this up in your closet. Organization doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be difficult. 11143364

As Seen on TV Shoes

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Don’t forget to utilize underneath your bed! It’s the perfect place to store all those shoes of yours. You can even roll up shirts or jeans in these cubbies if you’re keen on it.


24 Pocket Canvas Shoe Organizer

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Storing shoes on the backside of your door is another option. If you have a roommate, the two of your can easily share the space to make more floor room, because no one likes to trip over shoes in the dark.

How do you organize your dorm?

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