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10 Tips For Being The Best Roommate

Let’s be real: being a roommate isn’t always an easy task — which sounds kind of crazy — what’s so hard about being a roommate? Well, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration when you live in the same room as someone. This isn’t a one-man show anymore: your space is also someone else’s, so the way you live your lives may clash from time to time. Luckily, learning how to be the best roommate is pretty easy. All you have to do is make sure you follow these 10 roommate tips! You and your roommate will surely live in harmony, happily ever after.

1. Clean up after yourself

Do we really need to explain this one? If you were able to get into college, then you are undoubtedly able to clean up after yourself. There really is no excuse for being a slob, especially if you share a living space with someone. Some roommates are both naturally, erm, “messy” people, and have made agreements with each other like, “I don’t care if your clothes are everywhere. Just keep them on your side.” Some people are able to live this way, but make sure you have that conversation with your roommie. Until then, put your dirty laundry where it belongs, don’t leave dirty dishes laying around, and for god’s sake make sure your room doesn’t smell like something died.

2. Don’t snore

If you snore, figure something out. Seriously. While you may have had your own room before college (and thus able to snore your life away), you now share your sleeping space with someone who doesn’t want to have to listen to your thunderous snores while trying to get a good night’s sleep. So maybe you can’t really control your snoring — fine. We get it. But in all seriousness, acknowledge that you have a snoring problem. Warn your roommate. Don’t just ignore it and let your roommate find out the hard way. Offer to sleep with a fan blasting on your side of the room in an attempt to drown out the noise. Look up other solutions. Do something.

3. Let your roommate know if you’re bringing someone back to the room

This goes for bringing anyone back to the room, not just those awkward hookups. Whether it’s your study buddy from microeconomics or the cute guy from down the hall you’ve had a crush on, your roommate has a right to know who is entering their personal space. All you have to do is simply ask your roomie, “X is coming over, is that okay with you?” Hopefully, your roommate will be chill with it, but if not, you have to respect their wish to not have someone come in the room.  Maybe they’re having a bad day and really don’t want to have to deal with anyone. They shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in their own room.

4. Ask before you take

Even if you’re BEST friends with your roommate, you should still ask before you borrow anything. Wanna borrow that cute shirt in her closet? Ask. How delicious do those cookies look on her desk look? Don’t you dare take on without asking? Some people are very protective of their things, for various reasons. It’s better to ask than not ask at all. It’s just common courtesy!

5. Offer to share your food

If you’re a hoarder of snacks, your roommate will be the first to know. Don’t just let them drool as they look at the snacks underneath your bed — be polite and offer her something! If you come back from a weekend at home with freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies from your mom, don’t torture your roommate with the delicious aroma wafting throughout the room. Share the love. Positive karma is great, ya know.

6. Don’t stay up late studying in your room

Your room is for relaxing, watching Netflix, and sleeping. Studying is something that you should do in a library and basically anywhere but your room. Studies show you don’t retain information that well if you study in your room, not to mention it’s not fair if your roommate is trying to sleep while you flip through pages of your textbook trying to cram as much info in your brain as possible at 2 in the morning. Be considerate! Your roommate is trying to catch some Z’s. Go to the lib/communal lounge where you and your notes can have some time to yourselves.

7. Hang your schedule on the wall

Both of you should do this! This will make life easier on you. Save yourself the stress of not knowing where your roomie is. Because some crazy thoughts might go through you head not knowing her whereabouts.

8. Wear headphones when you watch Netflix in bed

If you like to hang out on your computer before bed, wear headphones. Nothing is more annoying than hearing random sounds from across the room when one roommate is trying to fall asleep. And watching an entire show/movie with the sound blasting? Not cool. Again, be considerate of your sleepy roommate and wear headphones. It’s not that hard to be respectful.

9. Leave good luck notes

College is stressful. We all know this. We all have papers, exams, and projects basically every day. Keep up with your roommate’s schedule – ask how their day is going and what they have going on that week. Really listen! Pay attention when they have big exams coming up and projects due. Leave them a little note on their mirror wishing them good luck, and whatever else you want to write on there. The note is a little gesture that will brighten their day in a big way!

10. Set aside time for roomie time

Life gets busier and busier as the semesters go on in college. It’s very easy to get caught up in homework, work, and internships. By the end of the day, many of us just want to fall in bed and sleep until summer. Don’t let life pass you by! Living with a roommate can be a really special thing. Cherish your time with your roommate! Have a roommate movie night at least once a week. Or decide to cook a family dinner together. Also, wine is a great way to bond. Maybe do all three. Enjoy your time together while you can.


What do you think of these roommate tips?

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