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There’s nothing worse than that feeling that settles into your mind and body after you’ve spent hours, seated and immobile, under the fluorescent lights in your school library. Whether it’s encountered during finals week or some other time, the sensation is a crippling one that we all know and hate. If you don’t know how it feels, slackers, you should at least be aware that it exists.

So, what is the best way to not end up looking as miserable as the girl pictured above? Take a break, then take another one 90 minutes later, and another one 90 minutes after that. Extensive research shows that study breaks improve attention and focus. Sure, we’ve always been taught to question the information we are given, but let’s just accept these findings sans the Scientific Method.

While ordering in Domino’s sometimes seems like the very best option, we’re offering up some other, healthier study break ideas.


Cooking(Image via The Star)

Go back to your dorm, suite, apartment, frat house, sorority lodge (etc., etc.) and cook yourself something easy, but yummy. It does’t have to be beef bourguignon, but let’s steer clear of the Kraft mac n’ cheese. Something simple like a chicken cutlet on the stove, a side salad, and a slice of bread with melted cheese will work just fine. Preparing a meal and then eating it will give your brain the perfect amount of rest, relaxation and refuel before you return to the books.



(Image via KeepCalm-o-Matic)

Go for a walk outside. Your eyes are probably stinging from being glued to a glowing screen or tiny words on bleach-white pages for the last few hours. Your legs are probably tingling from not moving since you walked into the library that morning (“What? It’s 8pm already?”). Do your body a favor: get outside and get moving, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Walk around campus, walk to pick up a coffee from somewhere nearby. Walk, walk, walk. The foreign feeling of blood flow will energize you, we promise.

Make a Phone Call

Phone call

(Image via Body Language Success)

Call a friend. Talking out loud feels weird when you haven’t spoken in hours, but that kind of means you are becoming less like a human being and more like an animal and that is an issue. Call a friend to get those vocal cords back in action and catch up with someone you love. If Obama has time for it, you definitely have time for it.

What is your favorite study break activity?

 (feature Image via Gainesville Scene)