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Let’s talk about Instagram.  It’s arguably the greatest social media site.  You can post inspirational quotes, pictures of your dinner, your Starbucks cup, your legs at the beach, your animals, selfies, and SO much more.  One of the greatest things about Instagram are all the filters they offer.  Pale? They can tan you up. Want to be more dramatic? A black and white filter will make that picture FULL of drama.  I actually posed in front of a wall  mural of the Notorious B.I.G. and the black and white filters, a.k.a. Willow and Inkwell, took it to the next level.  Filters just make pictures so much more interesting.  I like to let people know when I use filters because God forbid anyone thinks I look that amazing without it, I mean I do, WE ALL DO, but I just don’t want anyone to think I’m pulling a fast one on them.  You can do all types of crazy things now, like edit the filters! It’s kind of getting out of control.  Here are the ones that I am obsessed with and the ones that are not poppin’.



#skyporn #xproIIfilter #oklahoma #sunset I love how the sun rays are beaming through the clouds as the sun sets over the horizon

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My go to.  Especially for a selfie when I am lacking a tan.  X-PRO II gives me the tan I don’t want to pay for at the tanning salon.  Thank you X-PRO II for helping me save money and my skin. Let’s be honest too, it’s a good filter when you’re taking pictures of the sky, too.

2. Inkwell–OBSESSED


#inkwell #lamborghini

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There’s only room for one amazing black and white filter and it is not you, Willow.  Sorry! Inkwell is just so much better.  The contrast is better on Inkwell and let’s be real, Inkwell filtered pictures stand out more than Willow filtered pictures so you’ll probably get more likes on a picture filtered with Inkwell.  And who doesn’t want more likes?  Definitely not an insult to the self-esteem.

3.  Walden–OBSESSED


love them! #heller #youngins #girlbye

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Great for trying to brighten up your life.  Tired of being dark and gloomy? Add some Walden to your life.  It’s brightening but not in an overbearing way.  It does just the right amount.  Also makes my skin look flawless, that’s nice of them.

4. Toaster–NOT POPPIN’

Sorry Toaster, I love ya when I have bagels but not as a filter.  You make a really big giant circle appear in my picture and you make my skin a bit orange-ey.  If I wanted my skin to look orange I would gladly roll around in Cheetos.




#Toaster #ToasterFilter #ToasterYouDaRealMVP


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The only type of picture that the Toaster filter is good for!

5.  Kelvin–NOT POPPIN’

Kelvin makes my skin color look so weird.  I’m not quite sure what Instagram was aiming for with this filter.  I don’t think it would look good with any picture, really.  If you have posted a picture on Instagram using this filter, tag me in it or send it my way. I want to see it! You should check out this hilarious site dedicated to people who have used the kelvin filter.


What’s Your Favorite Instagram Filter?

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