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You might have noticed that social media got a little cartoon-y lately. You can thank Bitstrips for this jump to the animated world. Bitstrips is an app that allows you to make an avatar of yourself to put in comics, sometimes with your friends’ avatars. Once you create your cartoon version of yourself, you can make a few different kinds of comics. You can make a “status comic” in which you show your mood or what you’re doing, a “friend comic” where you put your avatar in a situation with a friend’s avatar, or make a “greeting card” for any occasion. There is an infinite amount of possibilities and scenarios you can make with your mini-me, since you can change backgrounds, thought bubbles, text, and even change the facial expression of your avatar to match the mood or the situations in the comics.

HT_bitstrips_jtm_131025_16x9_992(image via abc news)

It feels like this app just sprung up on everyone’s radar over night, but the company has been around since 2008. The cartoons have proven so popular that the company’s Facebook app has been sporadically crashing, and, according to Facebook, has over 10 million users. The app is also the number one downloaded app for both Android and iPhone. This app may focus on fun, but the company is also focused on making a difference as well.  They teamed up with Cartoon Network in 2011 for a worthy cause: to stop bullying and teach kids how to speak up if anything is going on.

running-bitstrip(image via clickthreetimes)

Bitstrips for Schools is another effort that the company is making to make a difference, encouraging teachers to use comics in order to engage students in the subjects they have to learn, encouraging creativity and learning. If only college professors took this method on!

Have you used Bitstrips?

Featured image via Metro