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I have a confession to make, I’ve been obsessed with books since the age of 3. I couldn’t even properly read then, but I used to love holding a book and looking at the pictures during daycare.  As time has gone on, the obsession has only increased and I’m a proud book lover. If you are “one of us” then you’re a part of a group of people with some habits that may be questionable to those who don’t enjoy books or reading as much as we do. Like, for instance, the fact that we need a book wherever we go, or that we lose track of time while reading, and that once we finish a book we loved we rush to the nearest person to tell them about it. Yes, being a book lover isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a true book lover there are certain things you most definitely understand.

1. Paperbacks are great:

You can bend the book, you don’t care about folding the pages, and obviously it’s so light to carry around. With that being said…

2. Hardcovers are also just as amazing:

They’re big, I mean so big that they look like you’re reading something important, but really you’re just re-reading a hardcover Harry Potter (not that Harry Potter isn’t important). Plus they look great stacked on a bookshelf.

3. Smelling books isn’t weird:

It’s just nice to smell freshly printed pages.  For us it’s like smelling lavender, it’s soothing for our soul.

4. Books travel everywhere with you:

In the car, on a plane, in a train, in a boat, dare I say even places like the bathroom, a public event where you should be socializing at, or any family gathering.  There’s no off-limits for where a book can frequent.

5. Mother-child separation anxiety towards your book:

When you lend a book out to one of your friends and start debating in your head about when they’ll return it, will they return it in good condition, or hoping it’s doing okay without you.

6. Borrowing is encouraged, but have some respect:

Like I said, the book is our child, bring it back in a timely fashion and the way you found it, or there will be consequences.  Aka you can replace it with a better copy and I’ll use the one you messed up as a spare copy.

7. We don’t have a favorite:

Ask us this question and we’ll tell you one of our favorites and then continue on to tell you about the 15 other books we consider our favorites.

8. The library is our shopping mall:

library with bags waiting to be filled with books. We will also spend hours and hours browsing the shelves, the way some browse the stores.

9. Don’t ask, “How many times are you going to read that book?”

As Caty Heron once said, “The limit does not exist.”

10. We are focused solely on our books:

Reading time is alone time, meaning our vision doesn’t surpass the corners of the books we’re reading.  We can’t be distracted from our novels, so when trying to get our attention speak up or make hand gestures, otherwise we’ll continue reading.

Are you a book lover? Do you relate to this post?