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The first day of classes each semester is a crucial day for professors. On this day, professors have to prove to every new student they have that they are: 1. worthy of teaching this class, 2. make their class seem like one students shouldn’t skip, and 3. seem as little boring as possible. If professors aren’t thinking about these things, then students are for sure. And at some point, you’re going to come across a professor who bores you from the minute you first sit down. This unfortunate situation leaves you dragging yourself out of bed, barely able to keep your eyes open, painfully boring. But you might be surprised at how your opinion of this boring professor could change.

It takes a while to understand professors and the work they assign.

Just like any student who might be quiet, your professor might be the same way. There’s nothing wrong with being a quiet person, and it might take a little longer to get to know your professor. After the first few weeks, you realize how much effort they put into this class and what exactly they’re trying to teach you. Once you figure out the point behind what you have to read or listen to, you appreciate your professor a little more.

The annoying jokes you pretend to laugh at actually start to get funnier.

At first, the obviously rehearsed jokes weaved into the class discussion are painfully difficult to laugh at. Throughout the semester, the dorky jokes won’t cause you to be ROFLing in the middle of class, but now that you actually know more about them (*see above), you understand their humor (or attempted humor).

You realize how much they like everyone in your class.

Your professor actually talks about how much better this section is than the same class at a different time. Knowing how much your professor likes the class makes you look past the occasionally boring lectures and listen up during class.

It becomes clear that your professor wants you to succeed and actually learn something.

Once professors like the class, they trust that you’re going to do the reading assignments, participate in discussions, and not cheat. A great professor knows that a four year education should not end with only a number to judge oneself by (ie. GPA), but a great professor also understands that worrying about GPAs is what keeps students from learning instead of cramming the night before an exam and forgetting EVERYTHING the next day. At the beginning of the semester, a professor might seem boring. By the end, you’ll realize this professor isn’t focused on making impossible tests that require ridiculous curves. Eliminating the stress of a grade can actually make you look forward to the lecture or discussion.

An entire semester with a professor can change the first-day-of-class opinion pretty quick. The professor you thought was ultra-boring from the start could turn into your favorite professor and teach you things you never would have learned if you dropped the class.

How does your view of a professor change in a semester?

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