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Carlie Roth is a senior at UMass Amherst and is a communication major with a psychology minor. She has a focus in interpersonal communication and loves everything food and fitness related.

With Boston being just a short drive away, I’m sure many of you will be watching the Boston Marathon either on the sidelines or from your own home. Why not celebrate in style with the perfect Boston Marathon themed party? This creative party theme will be a blast to plan, and there’s no reason to spend a fortune doing so. In honor of the Boston Marathon, we’re giving you some awesome ideas and tips to help you plan the perfect Boston Marathon party without breaking the bank. Grab some workout shorts, a mock finish line, some finger foods, and awesome cocktails, and get ready for the best Boston Marathon party your friends have ever seen (probably the first actually). Need some help planning? Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered!


If you ask me, food is the most important part of any properly planned party. In honor of the Boston Marathon, we’re serving up foods that represent Boston. You can make smaller sized portions so people can grab and go, appetizer style. This will help save money because having finger foods will cost less than a sit down dinner (and it’ll take you way less time to prepare).

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These mini Boston cream pies make the perfect little treat at your Marathon themed party. These babies are easy to make and everyone will be so impressed!


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These individual crab roll sandwiches are awesome, easy to make, and absolutely delicious. I love adding avocado to these sandwiches, but feel free to keep it authentic with bibb lettuce and a toasty, buttered bun.


The second most important part of any successful (college) party is alcohol. While we don’t condone underage drinking, having a cocktail with your best friends once you’ve hit legal drinking age is always fun (especially in the afternoon). These delicious Boston and running themed cocktails will impress your friends!

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This perfect cocktail is called Boston Rum Punch and all your party guests will love it! You can make this in huge batches and serve it punch style or make individual glasses, whatever floats your boat!


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Although you may not be physically running the race, you can participate in spirit while you enjoy these Rum Runner cocktails. This drink is sweet and a little bit sour, I like mine with fresh orange slices.


Spruce up your house with some festive Boston Marathon decorations. You can find or make finish line banners to hang around the house for an authentic feel. You can also get this awesome wall banner to help give your home a Boston feel.

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You can also use marathon bibs as coasters or drink labels. Feel free to get creative and have fun celebrating the Boston Marathon!

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How will you watch the Boston Marathon?

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