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Gabriella Marasco is an SC Campus Representative for Butler University. She enjoys taking long naps and shopping for candles. Read more posts by her here!

Currently 2-0, Butler Basketball is showing its resilience. With huge changes during this year’s off-season including a new coach, a new conference, six new freshmen, and even a new radio announcer, we have seen Butler Basketball adapt and demonstrate the stability created by “The Butler Way.” Read on to see what are this season’s “Top 5 Most Anticipated Games,” and which key players you should be watching!

Top 5 Most Anticipated Games this Season:

5. Butler vs. Marquette (#25), Jan. 18th @ 2pm

Marquette University


The 25th ranked Golden Eagles are coming off a Big East Championship and an Elite Eight appearance. As Butler is in its rebuilding phase, they will also have to prove that they belong with the big boys in their new conference. It will be interesting to see how they match up with consistently good Marquette.

4. Butler vs. Purdue, Dec. 14th @ 2pm

Purdue Basketball


An out of conference opponent, Butler and Purdue renew their in-state rivalry, which is mild compared to IU. Butler should come out with a win as long as they stay focused and maintain their defense against Purdue’s leading scorers Terone Johnson and A.J. Hammons–a little Hinkle Magic won’t hurt either.

3. Butler @ Creighton, Jan. 14th @ 7pm

Creighton Basketball


Two words: Doug McDermott. With a National Player of the Year candidate, Creighton will be a challenge for the Dawgs, especially since it’s an away game. Never doubt the Dawgs though.

2. Butler @ Xavier, Jan. 4th @ 2pm

Xavier Basketball

Butler travels to Cincinnati for their first Big East meeting of the season. Xavier sophomore guard Semaj Christon is a lot to handle, averaging just over 17 points a game. A respected program at Xavier, Butler definitely has their work cut out for them in this one.

1. Butler vs. Georgetown, Jan. 11th @ 5pm

Georgetown Basketball


This will be the game to watch, folks. Quick recap from last season (in case you forgot): Georgetown not only tied for first in The Big East Conference but they also were ranked #2 (South) in the NCAA tournament. However, they lost to the bracket-busting Florida Gulf Coast, who was ranked 15th, IN THE FIRST ROUND. This season Georgetown has a lot to prove, especially with nine returning seniors.  This will be the game that will really show up the progress of Butler and their potential for the Big East conference, as well as the 2014 NCAA Tournament.


Key Players to Watch This Season:

Khyle Marshall– Senior and one of Butler’s most experienced and reliable players, he will definitely be looked to for leadership.

It’s plays like this that can remind us of Marshall’s skills and potential:


Kellen Dunham– Though only a sophomore, he is not to be overlooked, definitely Butler’s secret weapon. Zak Keefer of the IndyStar calls him “Butler’s best shooter and best offensive weapon.”

See what he had to say about this upcoming season:


What Butler Basketball game are you most excited for?