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Gabriella Marasco is an SC Campus Representative for Butler University. She loves crafting, photography, and baking. Read more posts by her here!

With a new year just about to begin we’ve compiled a list of things every Butler student must do before graduation. We realize not every student shares the same interests, but we still feel each of these activities should be completed for the sake of experience!
Check out our “Butler Bucket List!”

1. Get a picture sitting on the bulldog statue outside of Atherton

2. Go on an alternative break

Of course you want to party and have fun on your fall, winter, spring, and summer breaks, but let’s be real, you get four breaks a year, you can give up one to help volunteer somewhere!

3. Go on a “fun” break

Whether you can afford to do this every (insert season) break or just one time, Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale (better known as Frat Laudy) will be what  you remember 20 years from now.

4. Attend a theme party

Again, for some students this may be bi-weekly occurrence (no judgment)…for others not so much. Regardless you need to experience at least one themed event. My personal favorite: CEOs and Office Hoes

5. Participate in Welcome Week activities

Even if you missed out as a freshman, you can still join in on PlayFair and the Hypnotist in the coming years! It’s a great way to meet people and an experience every Butler student should have.

6. Go to a Butler basketball game

This should go without saying! Even if sports aren’t your thing (#ihatesports) you must go to at least one game! #GoDawgs

7. Study Abroad/Travel

Europe. Asia. New Zealand. New Jersey. Anywhere! This is literally the only time in your life where you have minimal/zero responsibilities. Money may be tight, but save up and go somewhere for a weekend, a week, a semester, make use of all the free-time we have!

8. Pull an all-nighter

Grab a friend, or five, and stay up doing homework, reading, crafting, talking, drinking, playing games, anything!

9. Ride on the Dawg Ride

Because why not.

10. Go an entire day without technology

After you realize/get over how difficult this is you will be able to enjoy a day where you are more attentive and observant. This will give you a chance to see the beauty in your every day life. It’s not cheesy just do it!

11. Go fountain hopping

A Butler tradition and (unofficial) cultural requirement. #8BeforeYouGraduate

12. Hang out on the mall/quad

Grab a blanket and book, or play catch, spike ball, Frisbee, whatever! Enjoy a beautiful day outside and get some fresh air. Butler’s campus really comes alive when the weather is nice.

13. Reevaluate your beliefs

College is the time where you are exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking. Reexamine your thoughts/feelings on race, religion, money, family, and sex. It’s surprising how much some things may have/have not changed.

14. Go to a frat party

Or a hundred.

15. Become a regular at CVS

Okay, this last one is just one of my goals…


What would you add to the Butler Bucket List?!