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Food and beverage trends come and go, but sometimes you hardly notice that things are leaving the shelves. One day you are marveling at Pepsi Blue in the grocery store, trying to figure out how to get your mom to buy it, and the next thing you know it is 10 years later and you wonder if it is all a dream. Kind of like VHS tapes.

BuzzFeed Yellow is at it again with their hilarious videos, and this time they are taking on a discontinued soda taste test. Right off the bat they ask if there is a chance they could be poisoned. We imagine the answer looked something like this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Yeah that seems about right.

These very brave souls take on sodas discontinued in the ’90s and the ’00s. Where they managed to find these sodas is a question that goes unanswered. Who in the world was holding onto a bottle of discolored Crystal Pepsi? It was nice to see that we didn’t completely make up Orbitz though. Do you remember Orbitz? It totally sucked but at age 6 we asked for it every single time we went to the grocery store. Mom always bought it, probably just to laugh at us when we remembered how disgusting it was. Mini-masochists. All of us. It was also nice to see ye olde Midnight Black Mountain Dew (side note about Midnight Black Mountain Dew: One time when I was in high school I drank two Midnight Black slurpees on free slurpee day and had to lay in my friend’s driveway chugging bottles of water for two hours before I could stop shaking enough to go home.) And apparently Surge is still one of the best sodas ever.

Check out the video below and just be glad you’re the one that doesn’t have to try 21 year old soda.

What discontinued sodas do you miss?