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Become A Campus Rep!

Bring CampusRiot to your campus by becoming a campus representative!

By becoming a campus rep you not only become a CampusRiot content creator, but you become a voice for your school on a national platform. Does your school already have the program? Great! You can still apply. The campus reps program is a great way to boost your writing portfolio, get published regularly, and get people hyped about your campus. Apply with a friend or two, and make the experience even better! You can even get internship credit.

Aside from writing, other campus reps duties include:

-Social media management

-Promoting that program at your school

-Recruiting others to join your awesome team

Benefits include:

-CampusRiot Swag that will make all of your friends jealous

-Your content published weekly

-Possible internship credit

-Involvement in cool contests

-Street cred/bragging rights

To apply:

Email your resume, two writing samples and a short description about why you are the best rep for your school and how to plan to get others excited about CampusRiot to Students who have two or more years left at their school are preferred but not required. We hope to hear from you soon!