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Brittany Dawson, the CampusRiot Campus Representative for the University of South Carolina, is a junior studying English at the University of South Carolina.

Ya’ll I finally did it: I ate at Pawleys Front Porch.

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If you don’t know, Pawleys Front Porch is the epitome of perfection.  Yes, perfection! Pawleys is located on Harden Street aka Five Points, a high-traffic area for students attending the University of South Carolina and visitors. Hey, they serve the best burgers in the world served with Southern Charm, of course I wanted to try it out! Besides, I LOVE burgers.

Check out my Pawleys Front Porch review!

Front Porch Burger
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 1. Taste

I tried the Isle of Palms burger. The mix of pimento cheese coupled with spicy, jalapeno bacon and Angus chuck definitely gave this burger a kick. By far, the Isle of Palms burger is the juiciest burger I have ever eaten.  

2. Flavor

Pawleys uses a blend of secret spices to create an indescribable taste, even for the most selective pallets. The burger wasn’t too spicy; the onion and jalapeno bacon combination enhanced the Angus. It tasted wonderful!  

3. Cost

Like Rihanna, all I see is signs all I see is dollar signs. We all know college students are regulars on the struggle bus. Most importantly, it is hard to find both affordable and tasty food. For $10.50, I received a generous serving of French fries, a sweet tea, and a scrumptious Isle of Palms burger.

Where do you go to satisfy your burger cravings?

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