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Dear Nev Schulman,

I’ve been a devoted Catfish: The TV Show fan since season 1 premiered back in 2012. I watch for the raw drama and the never-ending twists and turns each relationship takes on the show, but inevitably, most episodes wind up ending the same way: the love interest is never who they say they are and then everyone sits down together, works out their issues, and moves on with their lives. With a fairly predictable ending in store, there’s not much to stick around for, except 1) the hope that another Lauren and Derek will find their way to our TV screens and into our hearts, and 2) you, Nev. You. You’re worth watching. Because you’re really, really important. And here’s why.

1. You may not be a catfish, but you are a total catch.

nev schulman catfish gif

hey nev nev schulman catfish gif


2. You’re sensitive, honest, and totally genuine.

nev schulman smile gif

You always know exactly what to say to make everyone feel better, and that goes for the catfish-ee and the catfish. You have a way of getting people to open up to you that can only be described as magical.

3. You’re also super optimistic. Maybe even a little too optimistic.

max eye roll at nev catfish gif

No, but really. Doesn’t everyone remember the time in season 2 when Keyonnah thought she was in a relationship with Bow Wow and Nev thought that it might actually be possible? Nev, you’re great, and optimism is important and much appreciated. But maybe be a little more skeptical? Just a thought.

4. You’re even aware of and involved in important college issues.

nev schulman student debt don't double my rate gif

Yes, that is Nev taking a stand against awful student loan related things. Four for you, Nev. You go, Nev.

5. But you’re also kind of a goofball.

nev schulman laughing max joseph catfish gif

That laugh tho.

6. Your reactions to things.

nev schulman max joseph she dated my brother catfish gif

You’ve got the eye roll/head bob/mind-blown look down pat. (Also, please note Max’s #flawless side-eye.)

And of course…

7. That time you and Max got into a fight.

For those of you who don’t know, on the season 2 mid-season Catfish reunion special, Nev and Max were asked whether or not they’ve ever argued or gotten sick of each other. So, Max told the story of the time they got into a fight. It went a little something like this:

max joseph nev schulman catfish reunion fight story

*Entire world gasps*

max joseph nev schulman catfish reunion fight story 2

*Nev makes face of shame*

max joseph nev schulman catfish reunion fight story 3

*Nev attempts to explain*

max joseph nev schulman catfish reunion fight story 4

*Entire world forgives Nev*

Nev, it’s hard to imagine you getting involved in anything that includes bloodshed, but your reaction? Priceless. This might actually be one of my favorite MTV moments of all time, in fact.

Thank you, Nev, for being so awesome. Really. You’re my favorite. Skype me later?



P.S. Max, you silver fox, you: if you’re reading this, just know that you’re perfect. Don’t ever change.

GIFs via Giphy; featured photo via Getty Images