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Ah, the commencement address. This is one of the greatest (and last) moments of life as a student, essentially Christening your introduction into the real world. With so much life potential coming with graduation, it’s no wonder these 15 schools went above and beyond to bring in some of the best celebrity commencement speakers to conclude the ceremony.

Take a look at the top celebrity commencement speakers for 2015, and try not to be jealous that you got stuck with a local-celebrity, like a community board leader.

1. Stephanie Courtney (Flo from the Progressive commercials) at Binghamton University.

We can’t wait to hear what she has to say.

2. Stephen Colbert at Wake Forrest University.

Yes! By far the luckiest students.

3. Joe Biden at Yale University.

You know this speech is going to be funny and inspirational.

4. Blase J. Cupich (Archbishop of Chicago) at Boston College.

We imagine this will be very spiritual.

5. George W. Bush at Southern Methodist University.

We haven’t heard from George W. in a while, so this should be good.

6. Bill Nye the Science Guy at Rutgers University.

We would love to hear what he has to say about the future.

7. Ben Horowitz at Columbia University.

He’ll definitely have some tips about being an entrepreneur.

8. Colin Powell at Rice University.

He is going to be stern but encouraging.

9. Anthony Hopkins at Seaver College.

Are you kidding?! Anthony Hopkins?!

10. Ken Burns at Washington University.

An Academy Award nominee? Pretty cool.

11. Dr. Jay Varkey at Centenary College.

You might know Dr. Varkey as the “Ebola Doctor” who treated the first two Ebola patients in America.

12. Jeb Bush at Liberty University.

He is running for president — will this help?

13. Natalie Portman at Harvard University.

Portman actually graduated from Harvard in 2003.

14. Barack Obama at Lake Area Technical Institute.

Can you get any bigger than POTUS?

15. Michelle Obama at Tuskegee University.

Oh, yes you can, with FLOTUS.


Which commencement speaker would you be most excited about?