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Guilty pleasures… we all have them. Whether it’s sitting down and eating a whole bag of Doritos or a pint of ice cream. The only problem with guilty pleasures is that usually after we’ve finished them, we feel terrible. But feel terrible no more — because celebs have them too. Doesn’t that make you feel better?

In the video above, you’ll find your favorite celebrities dishing on their favorite food pleasures. We’re talking everyone from Mark Paul Gosselaar (yes, Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell), to Seth Green (yes, from all of those Austin Powers movies).

The reason we really like this video is, because it’s fun. And after all, that’s what food should be. It also gives us a little insight into our favorite celebrities. While some of them just say pizza or chips, the others give really interesting choices for guilty pleasures.

So watch the video above, and enjoy!

What are your favorite guilty pleasures?