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Bottom line: if you’ve never been to Airbands, you are truly missing out. It’s so high energy, I’m bouncing in my seat the entire time. The event is well-organized and extremely fun, not to mention it benefits an amazing cause. How could you not want to see THIS after a long week of midterms?

Gamma Phi Beta and Pi Kappa Alpha Seniors close the show with a routine choreographed to N*Sync’s “Dirty Pop.” (photo via)

Or this?

Members of Toxique, a dance group on campus, strutted their stuff while honoring Queen Beyonce in their performance, “Being Sasha Fierce.” (photo via)

Or an entire group body-roll?

Members of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority show that it’s really a group effort in their rendition of “MTV Around the World.” (photo via)

Or ladies stomping the yard?

Members of Alpha Phi sorority perform a high-stepping routine, grooving to Destiny Child’s “Survivor.” (photo via)

Or a whole bunch of flannel?!

Members of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and Beta Theta Pi fraternity work it out in their performance, “Parental Advisory.” (photo via)

Or whatever it is the Adelphos will surprise us with this year…

There is really no downside, you guys. It’s the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax, and realize you’ll never be able to kick your leg as high as these girls. Not in a million years.

But hey, you can always blog about it!

Have you ever been to an event like Airbands? What did you think of it?

Featured photo: Members of the Black Student Union paired with the gentlemen of Delta Tau Delta fraternity were the big winners of the night with their rendition of “Thriller!” 

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