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Dear Graduates,

Please take a second look at your diplomas to make sure there is no typo. You might find that you suddenly have a major in “Mass Cummunications.” Whoops.

No wonder our teachers and professors have tried to hammer into our brains the importance of checking over your work twice and correcting your spelling and grammar. Its important! Even though this guy, who’s diploma was the one that said “Cummunications” did not even not notice the misspelling from 2008 until he was moving in 2014.

diploma typo

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This definitely reminds us to proofread because even if we think it’s just our professor reading this paper, or “oh, how much are a couple misspellings going to affect my grade…” you may get into the habit of forgetting to proofread and then this happens.

All seriousness aside, this typo has provided us with pure entertainment and endless puns and obviously the people of reddit are having a ball with it

Apparently in 1990 the United States Naval Academy became the Navel Academy on diplomas and Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications became “Itegrated” Marketing Communications.

On the one side, it’s bad that a prestigious school such as UC Berkeley made a spelling mistake like this, but on the other, the exact mistake they made brings people together with the humor and puns that will ensue for a Major in Mass Cummunication.

Now, all that’s left is for the guy to whom the diploma belongs, to get a new corrected diploma. What he has to say about it though, is that this is already his third one because the first two were badly wrinkled. Sounds like he just can’t get it right.

Lesson learned: always proofread your work and always check your diploma before you leave it hanging up for six years.

What do you think of this typo?

featured image via New Republic