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Let’s face it as soon as you’re in college, summers are just not the same anymore.  As you get older, all of a sudden summer is no longer a time to spend hours doing nothing, avoid work, or hang out with friends. With all the stress of finding a summer job or an internship, then balancing both, you begin to feel like the summers you had when you were younger no longer exist. Instead of sulking about it, here are five classic movies that’ll get you in the mood for summer and remind you of what it was like to spend your summers as a kid.

The Parent Trap:

The tale of two girls finding out their twins at a summer camp and devising a plan to reunite their estranged parents.  Most importantly, the movie that made us all believe that Lindsay Lohan had a twin.

Heavy Weights:

Sneaking in candy, go-kart races, and who can forget “The Blob” on the lake.  This was the fat camp that everyone wanted to go to.  You know after, they trapped and kidnapped Ben Stiller’s character.

Now and Then:

Four girls spend a summer in the seventies that they’ll never forget.  Fighting with boys, resurrecting a spirit in a cemetery, dealing with divorce, having a near death experience, and all while trying to save money for a new tree house.  Best part of the movie: The girls talking about the birds and the bees.

The Sandlot:

The best, if not, most important baseball movie you’ll ever watch in your life. A movie about spending the summer with your best friends playing baseball, going to carnivals, and trying to get a baseball signed by Babe Ruth back from backyard dog and neighborhood legend, “the Beast”.

Stand By Me:

When four boys go on a journey to find the body of a missing boy in their town, they encounter their own personal family issues and worries about their futures.  You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, did I mention you’ll cry? Best quote of the movie: “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve.  Jesus, does anyone?”

What are some of your favorite classic movies?