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It sucks when you’re broke, hungry, out of shampoo, and the package your mom said she was going to send you hasn’t come in yet. And when your friends are as broke as you, you pretty much have no one to turn to that can help you survive through the month. Unless you’re signed up for this awesome service known as Co-Ed Supply.

What is Co-Ed Supply?

Co-Ed Supply Package Review

Co-Ed Supply is a company that sends you a package of college survival supplies each month for a price of $20 per month.

Sounds like a pretty good deal right? But what exactly do you get from this company, and is it worth your money?

My Co-Ed Supply Package

I had the opportunity to receive such a package from Co-Ed Supply, and it actually came in on the perfect day (my birthday!), so it was a pretty neat surprise to get!

Anyway, I basically got all of these goodies in my package:

Pretty awesome, right?

I got a bag of dried fruit, mangoes specifically, a packet of hot cocoa and spiced apple cider (which will definitely come in handy considering the onset of winter!), these really awesome touchscreen compatible gloves, a deck of cards, Milano cookies, popcorn, and some toothpaste.

My Review

My first thought when I saw what was in my package? Co-Ed Supply really knows how to pick ’em!

First off, I’m on the east coast, and they definitely considered my location when picking the items in my package. The cocoa, cider, and gloves really come in handy!

Especially since the gloves are touchscreen compatible. As I’m sure almost every college student has a touch screen smartphone, iPod, iPad, tablet, etc. these gloves are a great way to keep your fingers toasty while still being able to use your device. They really do work; trust me I tried it out!  And I spazzed out when I found out they worked wonderfully well. So no more frozen fingers for me!

Co-Ed Supply Review

Me testing out the touchscreen compatible gloves. These will surely become my favorite pair of gloves!

And I swear this company read my mind. Milano cookies are my favorite (in fact, who doesn’t love Pepperidge Farm cookies?)And I actually had been regretting the fact that I didn’t pack a deck of cards. Now that winter is coming, and I’ll mostly likely be holed up in my dorm room because it will be way too cold to go outside, passing the time by playing card games with my roomies will be much more fun than lazing about.

They also sent me that popcorn at the right time too since my roommates and I love having movie nights every weekend.

Although I have plenty of toothpaste left still, I sure appreciate the fact that I now won’t have to buy some more when I run out!

The dried mangoes weren’t my favorite so I gave them to one of my roommates instead, but Co-Ed Supply is more than willing to send you packages that you enjoy. On their website, they say that if you don’t like what you got in your package, go ahead and shoot them an email and they’ll work with you to customize your package so you can get things you actually like! So don’t worry about possibly wasting money on stuff you won’t want. Co-Ed Supply’s goal is to provide you with supplies you’ll need and like, which is why when you subscribe to their service, they have you provide a little information about yourself like if you’re male or female and whether you have any allergies of sorts.

I know that as a college student living in a dorm I wouldn’t mind getting these kind of packages every month, and if you can’t afford it, I suggest dropping some hints to mom and dad about subscribing for you. They specially allow parents to sign up as well so that they can send you monthly care packages in your parent’s place if your parents don’t have the time to compile packages themselves. Also, subscribing to the service isn’t a yearly, set deal thing. All Co-Edy Supply does is charge your credit card every month they send you a package, and you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time making is hassle-free if you no longer need the service or can’t afford it anymore.

So are you screaming at the computer yet wondering how to sign up for this awesome subscription? Well better call up your mom and dad and send them to this website: Co-Ed Supply. It’s very easy and simple to sign up for, and soon you’ll be looking forward to every package every month.

So say goodbye to hungry, broke, shampoo-less you now.

Co-Ed Supply Review

See how happy you could be when you receive stuff from Co-Ed Supply?

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