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Coconut oil is one of the most underrated items that you must keep in your house. You can use it for anything! Incorporate coconut oil into some of these beauty, food, and DIY ideas.


There are so many ways to incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine. My personal favorite is doing a once-a-week hair treatment/hair mask; I wet my hair, put lots of coconut oil on the lower half (don’t get it near your scalp or your hair will be oily for quite some time!), keep it in for 30-minutes, and then use shampoo and conditioner to rinse it out. After a few months, your hair will be healthy and soft all the time.

You can also use coconut oil as eye-makeup remover, lotion, to prevent stretch-marks, massage oil, chapstick, cutical soother, under-eye cream, to sooth eczema and sun burn, sooth bug-bites, as shaving cream, and so much more!


Surprisingly, coconut oil can be added in a lot of food. Try using coconut oil as coffee flavor booster, melt over hot grains / oatmeal / veggies, scramble eggs in coconut oil, put some in some soup, spread over ANY breakfast item, including pancakes/waffles/muffins etc., put in your hot cocoa, and so on!


Have you ever wanted to get into DIY projects? Here’s your chance! Use coconut oil for homemade lotion, deodorant, mayonnaise, shampoo, homemade soap for laundry, homemade sunscreen, vapor rub, and so on!

If these aren’t enough reasons to start using and loving coconut toil, then you need to go out and buy some to prove it to yourself! Who would have thought there are so many uses for just one product!?

Are you in love with coconut oil?