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Now, we don’t want to encourage you to procrastinate or anything (we take school very seriously here, duh) but we also know that sometimes what you really need during an intense study session is a quick break, to laugh a little, catch up on what’s trending and in the news, and recharge before you  sit down to write that 10 page essay. The College Mixer is our attempt at making things easier for you — here are today’s top links from around the web!

 The March Madness of College Admissions: Waiting for Decisions (via The Huffington Post)

sad nugget

So you’ve just realized that the stress doesn’t end when you get your applications, did you? Let the waiting begin! There are a lot of questions that you might have about what happens next like how to keep track of those applications or how admissions work, so here’s some tips.

California May Loosen Alcohol Laws For Underage Students (via The Huffington Post)


California is considering a bill which is proposing an exception to the drinking age law be made for students enrolled in brewing, viticulture and oenology classes. Tasting and analyzing what they’ve created is a legitimate and necessary part of the process and if they’re expected to be able to enter the business and find work when they graduate they’re going to need some realistic experience. But don’t get all excited and switch your major just yet, the bill would allow tasting, not swallowing.

Rachel Canning, 18, Is Suing Her Parents For College Tuition (via The Huffington Post)

Rachel Canning claims that her parents kicked her out of the house and have financially abandoned her, and is now making legal demands that, while she lives with a friend’s family, they still pay for her remaining high school tuition and her upcoming college tuition and housing. The debate seems to be that her parents claim not to have kicked her out, but she left on her own, which at 18 means they are no longer obligated to help her with anything. Guess we’ll just have to wait to hear what the New Jersey judge has to say.

23 Things That Inevitably Happen When Your Parents Come To Visit (via Buzzfeed)

keep it real

*hides face in embarrassment from the absolute truth*

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg And The Rise Of Women Billionaires (via Forbes)

Sandberg and 41 other women have broken the record of females on Forbes’ list of newcomers to the billionaire club. Looks like Beyonce was right… who run the world? Girls.

What was your favorite link of the day?