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As seasoned college veterans and college survivors-in-training here at CampusRiot, we are all huge proponents of both not eating the cafeteria food and finding ways to eat healthy, nutritious meals. And that, my friends, more than likely requires cooking. Bleh, I know. If you’re not already a fan of of breaking out the pots and pans and whipping up dinner (like our friends at Healthy Way To Cook) that may sound like more of a hassle than anything. But, after checking out College Cooks, a cookbook made and published by 6 creative college students hungry for more than Easy Mac and fast food, your thoughts on cooking for yourself may change.

The book promises, “simple ingredients, easy recipes, [and] good tasting food,” and you can tell just from looking at the pictures (see below) that these recipes are the real (simple) deal. In it, you’ll find over 85 recipes, including 10 ways to use a roasted chicken, tons of fun and practical advice from the authors, and a book key that labels recipes as quick and easy, budget friendly, healthy, vegetarian, and good for leftovers – so you can easily find exactly what you want when you want it. The cookbook is also great for recent grads or anyone who has just moved out on their own and may or may not have trouble finding their way around the kitchen!

Note: You can buy the book on their website for $17.95 (soft cover) or $9.95 (e-book edition). Plus, $2 of every book sold is donated to Feeding America, so you can cook for a cause, too!

So what does the main author, Taylor Stephan, have to say about College Cooks? We got the chance to interview him and find out all the details about the inspiration behind the book:

Q: So, what really inspired you to write this cookbook?

A: Growing up I was always interested in food from a young age. I think the creative part was the most influential to me, in terms of being able to create new and exciting things that can inspire yourself as well as others around you. I wanted to create something that could be fun to share with my roommates in college as well as all of our friends and family.

Q: The book turned out great! How long did it take you guys to put it together?

A: It took a little over a year to finally pull everything together. We started with a simple concept and it grew from there. We had to test every item we put in the book first as well as get exact measurements for all the recipes since they were almost all made up on the go while we were in college.

Q: Which recipe in the book is your favorite and why?

A: My favorite recipe is the Ahi Sliders. I never got to make them as much in college because they are one of the pricier items in the book but they were always something I would look forward to when I had the chance to make them and reminded me of home.

Q: Was cooking always a passion of yours, or did you just start in college?

A: I would say it’s more along the lines of empowering others to think outside the box and make interesting things for themselves. Being able to try new things and make meals that make other people happy is definitely rewarding for me. I started out when I was younger but didn’t really dive deeper into it until college, when it became a necessity.

Q: What advice do you have for students or recent grads looking to get published?

A: Don’t be afraid to try new things and ask others to try your creations. It’s all a learning process and in my opinion, is meant to be fun and creative. If you really believe in something, go after what you believe in and start with the basics and build upon that.

Q: Are you working on any more cool projects for the future?

A: As of now there aren’t any new books planned for the near future but we do have some other projects we are working on. One of those is a webisode/tv pitch we are working on and hopefully finalizing in the near future to expand our audience and hopefully others out there who don’t have our book yet.

College Cooks Cookbook Review Cover

College Cooks Cookbook Review

College Cooks Cookbook Review

College Cooks Cookbook Review Ahi Sliders

 College Cooks Cookbook Review

Be sure to check out College Cooks and tell us your thoughts!