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The news today was actually…well, kind of boring! Everyone seems to be so focused on the debate tonight between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden that the rest of the news sort of fell flat. But we did some digging and found some interesting things to add to our current events roundup. If you’ve ever wondered what the most annoying sound is, you’re in luck. Not to mention the UN is doing some great things as usual and there’s good news for students at Indiana University! Check out today’s college current events roundup.

  • UN Aims Big: The United Nations, with help from Desmond Tutu, Anglican Archbishop of South Africa, announced today that they are working on a campaign that will end child marriages by the year 2030 to “free girls from poverty, ignorance, and oppression.” The stats? 37,000 girls under the age of 18 are married off every day. The issue of child marriages is mostly concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, according to the UN.
  • Woman Honors Organ Donor: 38-year-old Nefeterius McPherson received a much needed liver transplant from 12-year-old Taitlyn Shae Hughes after her tragic passing from a sudden brain hemorrhage last year. McPherson, a born and raised Texas Longhorns fan, raised awareness for organ donation and paid tribute to Taitlyn ( a dedicated West Virginia football fan) by wearing one of her WVU shirts to the UT vs. WVU football game on Saturday. Taitlyn’s mother said that McPherson is carrying on her daughter’s dream to “change the world” as being an organ donor was something she was very passionate about, even at such a young age.
  • Nagging Noises:  Scientists at the University of Newcastle in the UK recently released the results from a test they did to determine which sounds are the most unpleasant to people. They monitored subjects’ reactions to sounds like nails on a chalkboard and running water via MRI. The result? The sharp side of a knife sliding against a glass bottle produced the most pained reactions, deeming it the worst sound you can hear.
  • Freeze!: Indiana University has decided to freeze tuition for students who are doing well in school and are on track to graduate as scheduled. To qualify, students have to have sophomore standing (sorry freshmen, you’ll just have to wait!) and so long as they keep on track, their tuition costs will not rise in their junior and senior years. If they fall behind, they’ll be paying with more than just their GPAs.
  • Republican Rights: 47-year-old Charlene Hunziker was arrested for causing a scene at a P.F. Chang’s in Des Moines after she went into a drunken rant about Mitt Romney and how evil President Obama is in her opinion. When police tried to take her into custody, she said she shouldn’t be arrested because she’s a Republican…

What are your thoughts on our college current events picks?

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