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Today we decided not to overwhelm you with more news about the second presidential debate happening tonight. Today’s news was all about college, with an adorable proposal from one coach to another, a protest at Ithaca, a tragic resolution to the case of a missing student, the list of the 10 schools with the worst financial aid, and a study that shows stress, boredom, and depression are all tied together. Check out today’s college current events roundup.

  • A Not-So-Modest Proposal: Craig Heatherly, assistant coach for the Davenport University basketball team, planned quite the proposal for his girlfriend, Linaya Hass, the school’s dance coach. On Friday night at the school’s Midnight Madness event, Heatherly pretended to be the mascot, Pounce, then revealed himself and proposed to her in front of tons of cheering students. When Hass said yes, students excitedly rushed up on stage to hug and congratulate them.
  • Ithaca Students Protest: Ithaca recently changed their media policy, which according to students, “allows the media relations team to choose who is an appropriate interview subject, effectively ‘cherry-picking’ a source.” Students who are unhappy with this change organized a sit-in on Friday to protest.
  • Boredom Bares All: A new study shows that there is a very strong link between boredom and depression. The study found that stress, a major issue for college students, decreases your attention span – and your attention span directly impacts whether or not you feel bored because it is harder to focus on things and stay interested in, which can lead to depression.
  • Student’s Body Found: 18-year-old Christian Aguilar, a college student from University of Florida, went missing in September. His body was found on Friday and identified on Monday, further confirming suspicions that he was killed by 18-year-old Pedro Bravo.
  • Financial Failures: The Princeton Review has released their list of the top 10 schools with the worst financial aid. NYU took first place with Penn State, University of Maryland, University of Delaware, and Quinnipiac following right behind.

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What are your thoughts on today’s college current events picks?

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