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Today’s news was mostly focused on last night’s debate, but there was also some interesting info about college drinking habits and the racist flier that was found at Mercer College (we’re sensing a trend with this flier thing…) Not to mention the list of the colleges with the best food…did yours make the list? Check out today’s college current events roundup!

  • Racist Flier at Mercer: An anonymous flier was circulated in residence halls at Mercer College in Georgia that proclaims that November and December are “White History Months” and says, “Since there is too much white history to squeeze into one month, we will settle for two.” Students and faculty are outraged at what they’ve deemed an act of racism (and bad satire.)
  • Almost Alcoholics: The college stereotype involves tons of parties and heavy drinking, and most students who do live this lifestyle don’t take it too far and tend to grow out of their drinking habits come graduation. However, doctors have found that students who regularly binge drink and drink more often may have a tendency to be “almost alcoholics” – when you don’t meet the diagnostics for alcoholism, but your alcohol habits adversely affect you and may become an issue later on.
  • Best College Food: The Princeton Review has released yet another list! This time it’s the 10 colleges with the best food. The number one college with the best meal options? Bowdoin College, followed by Virginia Tech,  UMass Amherst, James Madison University, and Washington University in St. Louis.

And in debate news…

  • Romney Was Right?: Turns out, unfortunately for college students and recent grads everywhere, Mitt Romney wasn’t too far off at the debate last night when he said that half of recent college grads are unemployed or underemployed. 53.6% of college grads are jobless or underemployed – meaning they have jobs but aren’t working in their field (think waiters, bartenders, etc…)
  • Binders Binders Binders: Mitt has a thing about memes, apparently. Last time it was Big Bird, this week…binders full of women? His harmless comment at the debate last night has turned into the latest Amazon craze – funny binder reviews. Examples? One Amazon user wrote, “Maybe it’s just my women, but they don’t seem to want to fit into the space I’ve designated for them in this binder.”