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You may be too busy celebrating Halloween or dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to watch the news, and that’s where our college current events roundup comes in handy! Today’s news gave us some updates on college application deadlines, changes to the NCAA rules, a story about Penn State and the aftermath of the Sandusky trial, and a list of the 10 colleges with the worst professors. Not to mention, some serious Gangnam Style dancing at ASU that went a little too far. Check out today’s college news!

  • Application Anxiety: Future college students, you can thank Hurricane Sandy for giving you some extra time to finish your early decision/early action applications (originally due on November 1st.) Many colleges have announced that they are extending their deadlines, some as early as this Sunday, or as late as next week. Considering many high school seniors are without power right now, this is a big relief!
  • Smart Move: Penn State held a 3-day conference on child sex abuse this week, for which Elizabeth Smart, victim of kidnapping and rape from nearlydecade ago was the keynote speaker yesterday. Smart praised Penn State for its work to raise awareness to the issue in the wake of the Sandusky trial and sentencing. The university is planning on holding this conference every year.
  • NCAA Changes: The NCAA announced yesterday that they are approving “tougher and swifter” sanctions for college athletes (and their coaching staff) who break the rules. They want to stop the “risk-reward” mentality, where athletes and coaches take risks like cheating, etc. in order to win, and the idea that the punishment isn’t that bad. Those who break the rules will have serious sanctions to deal with.
  • Worst Professors: The Princeton Review has yet another list for us – yes, the lists keep on coming! This time it’s the colleges with the worst professors. Number one on the list? Rutgers New Brunswick. Other notable mentions: UConn, NJIT,  US Merchant Marine Academy, and University of South Dakota
  • Gangnam Garage Fail: A new video of Psy’s Gangnam Style dance has gone viral, but this time, it was a bit of an accident. Students at Arizona State University had a party on the rooftop of a parking garage, and when they did the Gangnam Style dance, the roof caved in. Whoops!

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