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Today’s news was chock full of lists and tons of updates for college students. From “super senior” woes to help for Sandy victims/grads and some political drama at Fordham, colleges were busy making news the last few days. Do you go to one of the most studious schools or have the most accessible professors? Check out today’s college current events roundup and find out…

  • Super Seniors Shooed: Super seniors beware! California State University wants you out. The school is planning on charging high fees for students who tack on extra time to their undergraduate careers in an effort to get students to finish their coursework in the traditional four. Cal State’s motivation is to make room for more new qualified students and save money. The plan is being reviewed and voted on by the Board of Trustees tomorrow.
  • Ann Coulter Denied: Fordham University doesn’t like Ann Coulter. The school’s College Republicans group invited her to speak, and then uninvited her. Why? Fordham’s president, Joseph M. McShane, S.J., was disappointed and so were many students due to her hateful speech and use of words like “retard” (which she recently used to describe President Obama). The group said they regretted extending the invitation and canceled the event. Whoops.
  • Student Loan Relief: Good news for New York grads dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy – Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered the HESC (Higher Education Services Corporation) of New York to suspend all student loan payments for borrowers affected by the storm. The grads will get a 90 day payment free grace period that started from the day of the storm, until January 25th, 2013.
  • Most Studious Schools: The lists are never-ending. Princeton review has been busy – today we have the top 10 schools with the most studious students. Number one on the list? California Institute of Technology, followed by Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, Reed College, and MIT, among others.
  • Most Accessible Professors: List time, take 2. Princeton Review also brings us the list of the top 8 schools with the most accessible professors. First place went to the US Military Academy. Other notables were: Southern Methodist University, Claremont McKenna, US Naval Academy, Sweet Briar College, and the Coast Guard Academy.

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