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The news today was interesting, to say the least. Facebook has updated itself once again, this time in the relationships department. University of Toledo is working to make college cost less, Montgomery College saw a shooting threat, and there may be another football scandal on the way. The strangest news we have to report is that people actually want their states to secede from the Union. Umm, what? Check out today’s college current events roundup…

  • College Discounts: University of Toledo announced this week that they will be giving discounts to students in various ways, including a tuition freeze and free or reduced campus housing. The school will offer free housing to full time transfer students, and 25% off housing for sophomores with at least a 2.5 GPA. University of Toledo says this is to prove that they’re concerned about costs for their students and will also help improve retention.
  • School Shooting Threat: A 19-year-old student at Montgomery College at Rockville threatened to “shoot up the campus for fun” yesterday. According to the school’s spokesperson, the student was “emotionally disturbed after his relationship disintegrated.” The school didn’t alert students but quietly took the student into custody at lunch and banned him from campus for the next 3 years.
  • Athletic Abuse?: Washington State University football coach Mike Leach has been accused of abusive behavior by star player, Marquess Wilson. Wilson quit the team and made the allegations in a letter, saying that Leach would “belittle, intimidate, and humiliate” players. Leach denies the accusations and is open to the investigations – he says they won’t find anything to back up the claims.
  • States Seceding?: Apparently people aren’t happy with last week’s election results – U.S. residents in over 30 states have made that very clear by filing petitions to secede from the Union. One petition from Texas had over 60,000 signatures (more than double what is needed for it to be considered,) but don’t worry Texas students! It seems Texas isn’t going anywhere any time soon. But maybe you should brush up on your Civil War history, just in case…
  • PDA Pages: You’re already likely disgusted by couples making out in very public places on campus, and now you can be disgusted virtually, thanks to Facebook. The social networking site has launched “couples pages” — a timeline for everyone’s cutesy couples photos and ultra personal wall-posts. If you’re in a relationship on Facebook, head to and check out yours. It’s only mildly awkward.

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