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Things were a little strange today in college news. Students were pole dancing, UNC voted for gender neutral housing, and students are being chastised for having a cultural discussion over dinner? We can only blame the weirdness on the upcoming long weekend. If you need a reality check, you can always turn to another list, this time comprised of the best business schools in the country. If you’re heading home today or tomorrow, you may want to check out our college current events roundup first. It might just help you avoid holiday insanity!

  • Pole Goals: Students at the Newcastle University just broke a totally unconventional Guinness World Record – they successfully completed the longest pole dancing marathon, at 30 hours with a team of 50 female students and 1 male. The students, members of the school’s Pole Dancing Society, used the event to raise money for two different charities and hoped to break the stereotype of pole dancing, proving that it is “a brilliant way to exercise, meet new people and have fun.”
  • Going Neutral: UNC Chapel Hill is ready to implement a whole new housing policy. Ladies and gentlemen, you could be living together next year, if you so choose. And no we don’t mean co-ed dorms with shared bathrooms – we mean co-ed roommates. The school says the new gender neutral housing policy will allow students to live in suites and apartments with the opposite sex, and that it will help LGBTQ students feel safer, especially.
  • Anti-Thanksgiving: The American Indian Student Union at the University of Virginia is under fire for it’s “Anti-Thanksgiving” event which was meant to be a potluck dinner where students would discuss the holiday from the Native American point of view. The event, in celebration of Native Heritage Month, couldn’t be further from offensive, but conservatives are very upset, describing it as “liberal activism.” Nicole Westbrook has some advice: “Can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful!”
  • Best Business Schools: Bloomberg Businessweek has ranked the top 10 business schools in 2012. Yep, that’s right, we have another list. First place goes to: University of Chicago (Booth). Other contenders? Harvard Business School, Northwestern University (Kellogg), Duke (Fuqua), and MIT (Sloan). Check out the rest of the list here.
  • Turkey Day Survival: Just in time for your Thanksgiving break to begin, HackCollege has a Thanksgiving survival guide for college students. Some advice: don’t drink too much, don’t talk politics, and don’t…rap battle with your uncle? Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. Check out the article for more info. You’ll be glad you did.

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